New Park House

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North Street
West Sussex
RH12 1RJ

t: 01403 223 344

Facilities for the visually impaired or blind Assisted wheelchair access Non assisted wheelchair access Accessible toilets Induction loop available Staff assistance available Low Payment Counters including clipboards, dropdown counters, lap trays and portable chip & pin Automatic doors present

Access information: Direct Enquiries Assessed

Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust provides specialist mental health, substance misuse and learning disability services. We are an integral part of the health and social care network for the people of Sussex.

Sussex Partnership was established as an NHS Foundation Trust with teaching status in August 2008. The Trust is part of the NHS and is regulated by Monitor, the independent regulator of NHS Foundation Trusts.

Sussex Partnership is accountable through a Board of Directors, responsible for setting the strategic aims and objectives of the Trust and for monitoring performance, and a Council of Governors, which provides the link between the directors and local communities and keeps an eye on the performance of the Board.

The vision of Sussex Partnership is to realise the potential of everyone who uses our services and to help our staff to do a great job.

Our values are to:

  • Challenge stigma and discrimination while promoting equality and positive attitudes
  • Work in new ways and develop new services
  • Put the human rights of the people who use our services at the centre of everything we do
  • Work in partnership with others
  • Be a creative force and lead by example

We have set ourselves five strategic aims:

  • High quality care for all people using Sussex Partnership services
  • Employer of empowered, engaged, well trained and motivated staff
  • A leading teaching and research mental health Trust
  • A well-governed sustainable organisation
  • A growing organisation that invests in improved services