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Gojo Aims to Bridge Travel Gap on Public Transport

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    GOJOReleased: 9 May 2007

    Gojo Aims to Bridge Travel Gap on Public Transport

    The first nationwide campaign aimed at increasing young people’s confidence using public transport is being launched today (Wednesday 9 May 2007).

    ‘GOJO’ is aimed at the thousands of young people – aged between 16 and 25 - who have difficulties or fears* using buses, trams and trains.

    The campaign is being run by the Disability Rights Commission (DRC), which has found that twice as many young disabled people said they lacked confidence using public transport than their non disabled peers.**  GOJO wants to bridge this travel gap.

    GOJO follows changes to the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) introduced in December 2006 which gave disabled people the right, for the first time, to fair treatment on public transport. It comes as more than £6million has been spent by transport providers to make vehicles more accessible to disabled people.

    At the centre of the campaign is the GOJO website - at www.mygojo.co.uk - which will provide practical tips to increase young people’s confidence travelling on public transport and information on special leisure deals and how to travel there. The site will also include information on rights and how to make a complaint if young disabled people feel they may have been discriminated against under the DDA.

    All of the travel and attractions information was collated by Direct Enquiries www.directenquiries.com, the National Access Register.  This information forms a natural progression to the service already delivered by the organisation.  directenquires.com is the premier search facility for people with disabilities seeking everyday goods and services.  It enables the public to find local providers with the support facilities they require. 

    To drive young people to the site, comedians from Abnormally Funny People are performing ‘stand up’ comedy gigs on buses in five cities across the country with clips from the films posted on the internet.

    Young people, their friends and families are being encouraged to take trips on public transport from now until the longest weekend in June - from the Summer Solstice on Thursday June 21, to Sunday June 24.  Figures show that in the 5 cities where the campaign is being launched (Newcastle, Sheffield, Nottingham, Manchester and Exeter) there are over 32,000 young disabled people aged 16-25 years old.  They are being encouraged to consider the benefits of public transport and feed back their experiences on the GOJO website.

    Sir Bert Massie Chairman of the DRC said “GOJO is all about supporting young people who may think public transport isn’t for them. The improvements which have made it easier to use buses and trains, should make it easier for young people to be independent and in control. We’re also working with transport providers in our campaign cities to help equip staff with the skills they need to ensure that more young people are confident about the journeys they make.”

    The campaign is aimed at young people in Newcastle, Sheffield, Nottingham, Manchester and Exeter and the surrounding regions.


    Photography from the launch event has been sent to the picture desk by the Press Association.

    For further information or interviews with campaign spokespeople please contact Harriet Pearce Willis in the GOJO press team on 020 7403 2230 or by email at gojo@forster.co.uk.

    Notes to Editors

    * Young people who have difficulties or fears using public transport might include a young person with a visual impairment who needs guidance getting on and off the bus or a young person who has difficulty understanding a timetable because of a learning difficulty.

    **An Ipsos Mori poll for the DRC in January 2007 found that more than twice as many (11%) young disabled people said they lacked confidence using buses and trains compared to (4%) of non disabled young people who said they lacked confidence.

    The Longest Weekend in June runs from the Summer Solstice on Thursday June 21, to Sunday June 24, 2007.

    Regional GOJO launch details:
    8 May : Newcastle – Comedian Steve Day; 9 May : Sheffield – Comedian Paul Betny; 10 May : Nottingham – Comedian Chris McCausland; 11 May : Manchester – Comedian Laurence Clark and 14 May : Exeter – Comedian Tanyalee Davis.

    The GOJO campaign was launched to MPs at a parliamentary reception in January 2007.

    The DRC is an independent statutory body responsible for tackling disability discrimination. We aim to bring about equality of opportunity and increased participation for the 10 million people in Britain who have rights under the Disability Discrimination Act.

    directenquiries.com, was developed as the Nationwide Disabled Access Register in 2002 in partnership with RADAR (Royal Association for Disability and Rehabilitation) and The Employers' Forum on Disability.  During the past 12 months the information available has grown to include access for parents with pushchairs as well as the general public.  This allowed directenquiries.com to rebrand as The Nationwide Access Register in January 2006.

    Directenquiries.com is the only Nationwide Access Register specifically designed for companies to showcase their disabled access and other facilities.  On average, directenquiries.com receives over 3.5 million hits each month from people looking for businesses, organisations and services with the disabled access they require.   Registration is only £35 per year, per location, for which companies receive the following:

    • Nationwide registration on directenquiries.com detailing company name, address and other contact details, including links to their website, should they have one
    • Access to the Action Plan
    • A “More Information” section, equivalent to five pages of A4, updateable on a daily basis.  This allows businesses to include information on forthcoming additions or changes to their disabled access as well as useful information about their business in general
    • Feedback facility providing customer comments and opinion

    For users, directenquiries.com provides a full directory service for UK companies detailing the access and facilities available at those registered with directenquiries.com.  The register currently includes disabled access information on leading high street names such as Boots, LloydsTSB, Argos, Gap, John Lewis, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Costa Coffee, Pizza Express, PC World and Waterstone’s as well as thousands of small and independent businesses.  The disabled access information encompasses everything from parking, entrances, lifts, toilets, counter heights, wheelchair and pushchair access to staff assistance and auxiliary aids such as Braille, large print and induction loops.

    For further information, images and interviews please contact us on 01344 360101 or e-mail press@directenquiries.com