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Success Stories - Marketing Birmingham

Marketing Birmingham

Services Delivered

Access Audits, guided access assessments, individual confidential access reports and branded online portal.

Key Facts
  • More than 48 varied locations audited and assessed
  • Client confidential access audit reports provided
  • Branded online portal

As the UK’s second largest City and host to many national and international events attracting thousands of people each month, Marketing Birmingham recognised the importance to the local economy of providing accurate and easy to use information about the access and facilities provided at the Cities top attractions.

The access audit

Access Audits were conducted across the city at a range of attractions, hotels and historic buildings. Direct Enquiries auditors measured and photographed all ‘elements’ in the public facing areas. Using bespoke software the audit was recorded in real time. The audit provided two outputs for Marketing Birmingham.


Firstly the audit provides a confidential report for individual managers identifying the location of elements and whether they meet industry standards . In the event that they do not meet industry standards, the report provides recommendations and diagrams of what is required and how it can be achieved. For example, rearranging furniture so it provides clear circulation routes is a welcome adjustment for visitors in wheelchairs.

Online access guides

Secondly, the access audit generates an online access guide for each location on directenquiries.com and the Marketing Birmingham branded portal. The guide summarises the access and facilities available with a range of easily identifiable access icons. A series of tabs enables people to clearly drill down for specific information about a location from step by step internal routes to the accessible route from the nearest bus stop


Data accuracy

To remove the cost of hosting and maintaining the access information gathered, Direct Enquiries provides a branded portal that looks and feels like www.visitbirmingham.com providing a seamless service to website visitors. As a change is made on directenquiries.com it is mirrored on ensuring that the data is accurate and of the highest quality.