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BBC Radio 2 - 27 February 2006

radio 2 logoSteve Wright in the Afternoon, Website of the Day

(The following has been transcribed with kind permission of Miles Mendoza and the BBC.)

Steve Wright - So, now Miles Mendoza with website of the day. What have you got today Miles.

Miles Mendoza - I have one today Steve that is right at the very tip of the public service iceberg its called the nationwide access register and you’ll find this at directenquiries.com…

Steve Wright - Very good

Miles Mendoza - …this is designed to provide people with one single source of information about access & facilities for any building that is open to the general public. So this is both disability access but also pushchair access and baby changing facilities and stuff like induction loops or sign language in banks, that kind of thing…

Steve Wright - Very good

Miles Mendoza - … so its right across the board there. So whatever you are looking for whether it’s a restaurant, whether it’s a supermarket, whether it’s a different kind of shop, a cinema a hotel; then you specify the kind of public building that you are looking for and then you can filter the specific facilities that you need. So whether it is for hearing impaired people, whether its wheelchair access, whether it is baby changing facilities, whether it is just toilet facilities; you can filter that you are only looking for that and type in the area that you are looking for this in and it will bring you back all the matches.

Steve Wright - Well that’s fantastic. Will it also tell you times of opening, will it also tell you if it is for adults only, will it also tell you if there is a bar, will it also tell you when it closes, public holidays, all of that?

Miles Mendoza - The level of information that you will find for each business is dependent on whether a specific business chooses to actually advertise with them. It is useful for businesses if, for example, say you aim to provide a certain level of access but then there are road works going on outside which means that your usual level of wheelchair access is prohibited for some reason, then you can post that information if you advertise. For any business that doesn’t actually advertise with them then what they do is just pull in the general information from ‘Scoot’ which is kind of the yellow pages online type site…

Steve Wright - Yeah, yeah, yeah, great.

Miles Mendoza - …for the sites that are advertising you’ll get really detailed information about precise access. For any site that doesn’t advertise then you just find, say, the list of restaurants in an area, or the list of hotels, or the list of supermarkets; it won’t go on to provide the access details for those that don’t advertise.

Steve Wright - Alright, and when you talk about public buildings you’re talking about libraries, your talking about council offices, are you talking about railway stations?

Miles Mendoza - Yeah, you’re talking about anywhere that is open to the public.

Steve Wright - Right, okay, so that includes hotels as you say.

Miles Mendoza - It does yes.

Steve Wright - Oh that’s brilliant, what a great site, what a great idea as well.

Miles Mendoza - Very useful, and 40% of all the profits made from the advertising are ploughed back into disabled charities as well.

Steve Wright - Excellent, okay, so how do we get there Miles Mendoza?

Miles Mendoza - You’ll find it at directenquiries.com, or you can follow the link from the website of the day page www.bbc.co.uk/radio2.

Steve Wright - Everyday Miles Mendoza’s website of the day.

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