Max Kennedy

Photo of Max Kennedy

Max Kennedy, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility

After a successful career in the armed forces, Max has spent most of the last 40 years working for private companies in the manufacturing industry. This including several “interesting” years working on the insulation of offshore oil rigs and buildings in Saudi Arabia.

After years of working for others, the entrepreneurial bug took hold of Max and he set up his own logistic business, servicing customers countrywide. This was however brought to an untimely close following a severe heart attack in 2000, since when Max has been registered disabled and relied heavily on his wheelchair.

It is as a direct result of his experience that the Nationwide Disabled Access Register was created and he has since become heavily involved in other areas promoting better access for disabled people; including regional politics where he holds a position advising on building design.

He lives on the south coast and spends what little spare time he has designing and building model cars and aircraft – he claims it is a pursuit requiring the patience that only a man with five children could ever hope to develop.