Grant Kennedy

Photo of Grant Kennedy

Grant Kennedy, Chief Executive

Grant spent the 10 years prior to setting up Direct Enquiries at senior management and director level working in technology. Before then he worked in retail and has combined his understanding of the issues faced by retailers with his knowledge of the technical industry to create a successful platform for users and businesses.

He has experienced firsthand the frustration and lack of understanding exhibited by restaurants, shops and business owners throughout the UK when with his father, who is disabled and a wheelchair user. Frequently it was not the lack of disabled access that was the greatest disappointment but the lack of information from building providing great access. Tired of constantly eating takeaways and facing a lottery whenever they wished to use shops, Grant set up the Nationwide Disabled Access Register to do something about it, along with Chris and Martin.

If he wasn’t running Direct Enquiries he claims he would re-train as a professional chef – at least that restaurant would be accessible!