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Communicating Access and Facilities

Direct Enquiries has several options for companies to display the information to the general public or staff. During the audit process data is collected onto our bespoke tools in a specific way to meet the client’s requirements.

This can include detailed schematic plans of the location or photographic routes around the building. With all of our communication packages the client receives the following as a minimum:

  • Registration on, for the duration of the contract. Direct currently receives millions of hits every week from people looking for accessible goods and services.
  • Feedback, each location has a feedback option allowing people to give you feedback directly. Therefore bringing you closer to your target market and visitors. The feedback area allows you to invite interaction from disabled and older people and others who require specific access 365 days a year.
  • A bespoke portal, which sits on your website with your design for the duration of the contract. Therefore allowing people to see the same information regardless of if they look on your site or
  • An on-line consultation, interact with local access and disability groups plus local disabled people. Provide local people with the facility to give feedback and opinions based on the work under taken or planned. Organisations can opt out of this service if the wish.
  • A dedicated point of contact, with Direct Enquiries to update the information on your behalf.

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