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Direct Learning: eLearning with a difference

Direct Learning delivers transparent, evidential training which assesses colleague understanding of the legalities and best practices surrounding disability awareness. Recognising that many organisations have well established diversity and equality functions, Direct Learning can be customised to incorporate and reference existing processes and procedures. The solution also recognises that different functions within the organisation require different knowledge dependent on their role. It provides the organisation with a unique analysis of the knowledge absorbed by employees which can be used to evidence your Disability Equality Strategy.

Tailored to your Organisation

Direct Learning is a comprehensive stand alone solution that can be rapidly deployed organisation wide or be customised to meet your exact requirements.


The course has been designed to provide organisations with measurable benchmarks for performance indicators such as Disability Equality Schemes.


Everyone has their own preferred learning style. To ensure the training has maximum impact across the organisation, Direct Learning is available online 24 / 7.

Reference Library

Recognising that learning is a continual process the solution incorporates ‘Direct Reference Library’, an online resource. Employees who have completed the course successfully have access to ‘Direct Reference Library’ to refresh their knowledge 24 / 7.

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