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Market Research

Direct Research is a flexible, dynamic research consultancy service. It provides you with the expertise, knowledge and samples to gather valuable insights, views and opinions to support your decision making processes. Specialising in providing information for disabled, Deaf and older people plus parents with buggies, we have over the years developed a relationship with our Affiliates based on trust. This ensures high response rates and dependable insights that translate into reliable data on which to base decisions.


We are able to improve your understanding of disabled and Deaf prospects, customers, employees and stake holders on a complete spectrum of topics. These insights enable you to identify your organisations key strengths, weaknesses, opportunity and threats. This service also enables you to bench mark your organisation against your competitors.

Demonstrate involvement

Engage with our panel of Affiliates comprised of disabled, Deaf and older people, their carers and parents with young children.

Affiliate programme

Our carefully profiled Affiliates provide you with access to representative samples of the population wishing to take part in forums, user groups, surveys and consultations.

Usability testing

Approximately 50% of the population fall into the categories of disabled, Deaf and older people or are parents of young children. Use our panel of Affiliates to gather valuable feedback about products and services.

More Information on our Market Research can be found by contacting us