Business Solutions

Telephone Assessments

Following an initial, written communication to all locations, from your Head Office, Direct Enquiries will conduct a comprehensive telephone assessment with either 30 or 110 questions to each location. This will provide us with a detailed list of the access and facilities they offer.

  • The assessment has been written to ensure it is easily understood and produces comprehensive information.
  • Direct Enquiries will ensure the locations fully understand the importance of providing accurate information. The assessment can also be updated by the businesses themselves when necessary.
  • A detailed record of the assessment will be provided on, and your own website via the portal, where members of the public can provide feedback.

Ongoing Account Management

As part of our service, Direct Enquiries will provide you with a dedicated account manager. The account manager will take the time to understand your organisation and build relationships with your teams.

Their role will be focused on maintaining and updating your information on an ongoing basis. Whilst quarterly emails will be sent to the locations, requesting updates.

More Information on our Telephone Assessments can be found by contacting us

Screenshot of a telephone assessment
    Photo of a telephone assessor