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Onsite Assessment

Direct Enquiries have many ways of displaying an audit once it has been completed, however the process followed for the assessment will always be the same. Our methodology is:

The details of the location will be reviewed by our disability panel

All assessments follow Part M guidelines, recommendations will be based on Part M as well as best practice examples gained from 8 years experience.

The audits will include departments, rooms and corridors of the areas used by the public and or staff depending on the client brief.

The following areas are included as a minimum:

  • Entrance
  • Door Weights
  • Lighting
  • Circulation
  • Surfaces/Contrasts
  • Acoustics
  • Counter Heights and Suitability
  • Availability of any alternative formats
  • Availability of Induction Loops or Aux Aids
  • Public toilet facilities
  • Accessible Car Parks where owned by the building

More Information on our Onsite Assessment can be found by contacting us

Pictures of assessors
Picture of a wheelchair user